The interactive map

The interactive map is a simple feature build on custom svg and js. That's not a feature of the site itself but if gives a good idea of what can be included inside.

To discover the seagulls, use the interactive map below.

Interactive map


This is a seagull:

On the main panel, you can see a large version of it, and this one is interactive.

Clic on an area to get a description of it


This is the beak of the seagull.


This is the tail of the seagull.


This is the eye of the seagull.

Left leg

This is the left leg of the seagull.

Left wing

This is the left wing of the seagull.

Right wing

This is the right wing of the seagull.


This is an background path.


This is the body of the seagull.

Right leg

This is the right leg of the seagull.

Isn't that cool?